The University of Liverpool in partnership with Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, The Walton Neurosciences NHS Foundation Trust and the Pain Relief Foundation has established a Clinical Sciences Centre on the Aintree site. The Centre offers dedicated laboratory facilities and the opportunity for specialist clinicians to work closely with patients and scientists and to nurture young doctors within a research-based rheumatological practice. 

The Aintree Arthritis Trust is committed primarily to the oversight of training and research within Liverpool, to the investigation of the mechanisms causing bone and joint damage and to furthering the training of young doctors and scientists. 

The Trustees also recognise a duty to enable outstanding young doctors and scientists from overseas to gain experience with them in Liverpool prior to supporting them when they return home. 

Dr Sophia Mwachi, one of a handful of specialist rheumatologists living and working in Kenya, is the Trust’s most recent placement. She was nominated for a twelve month placement at Aintree in 2014 by her colleagues at the University of Mombasa and by the London based Royal College of Physicians. During her secondment she has gained experience in clinics, wards and laboratories, in the formatting and evaluation of clinical trials and in the delivery of lectures and seminars.  


As with previous overseas grantees, the Trustees look forward to a continuing and mutually beneficial on-going relationship with Dr Mwachi in future years. 

A list of grantees, research projects and published work is available on request. 

Training rheumatologists

Dr Sophia Mwachi is one of a handful of rheumatologists in Kenya and the Trust has been delighted to support her, whilst furthering her training in Liverpool.