Aintree Arthritis Trust is a Liverpool based charity committed to developing a better understanding of the rheumatic diseases.

It works closely with internationally renowned doctors and scientists at Liverpool University and University Hospital Aintree to support research and to develop innovative patterns of treatment and management for people affected by the rheumatic diseases. Its ability to collaborate easily with a wide spectrum of medical and scientific colleagues is especially important as is the involvement of the University’s veterinary faculty with its established and well-known expertise in bone and joint disease. 

The Trustees are specialist rheumatology consultants who offer their expertise and guidance without emolument and many fee payments due to them for work outwith the NHS are credited directly to the Trust. 

The Trustees remain especially grateful for the financial support that the Trust has received and continues to receive from patients and their families.

Moots Thompson and Williams

Professor Robert Moots, Dr Robert Thompson and Dr Emlyn Williams have advised and worked with the Trust since 1997

During this period it has had no paid employees, its administrative costs have been minimal and it has spent around £800,000 promoting innovative patterns of research and the specialist training of medical and scientific personnel. 

cestrach.jpg ngoodson.jpg

Dr Cristina Estrach and Dr Nicola Goodson were appointed as additional Trustees during 2014. Both are specialist consultants in Rheumatology at University Hospital Aintree and at the University of Liverpool. 

The Trust only funds research and training that is supervised personally by one or more of its Trustees.

Did you know

Rheumatic conditions can cause damage to vital organs, including the lungs,
heart, nervous system, kidneys, skin and eyes.